Story:: Thank God For Mahalia Jackson

Give me that old time religion, because a lot of the new stuff just don’t cut it. The church used to be at the center of the African-American community. What happened? It’s not cool to put God at the center of what we do nowadays. Some years ago, I was as far away from the Lord as I’ve ever been.

The devil had a hold on me, and I couldn’t even feel the grip.

Not just in lifestyle, but in principle. It’s so convenient and feels so good to just live life, but without God at the center, we are bound to fall. There’s something about struggle, about failure, about adversities and trials, that helps us to gain perspective on just who God is, and how much we need Him.

without God at the center, we are bound to fall.

The adversities and trials for African-Americans during the Civil Rights movements shed light on this. The church was an integral, essential, cornerstone component of the movement, as is evidenced in the efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr. and others. The struggle for equality and desegregation in America wearied our community so, it was by holding onto God’s unchanging hand, onto His Word, His promises, that folks got through. Oh, how we forget. It’s God that gets us over.

Thank God for Mahalia Jackson. She can help us remember.

Visual:: Mahalia Jackson. How I Got Over.

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