Culture::Shorts or: How I learned to stop fearing and love summer fashion.

Mother fuckin’ summer time.

That great time of year when teenagers take back the streets and outdoorsy ‘fun’ becomes more common. You can’t be going to the beach in your winter’s finest… so I thought I would throw together a little package of things that are inspiring my fashion choices this summer. For those of you lost, I hope it helps you find your way.

If there is one group of peeps who know summer its surfers, they have been living it since Duke Kahanamoku made surfing popular in the late 1800’s, so by the time the 50’s and 60’s came around it was a golden era for looking fly and casual no matter the occasion.


These dudes kept it clean, kept is simple, kept it fresh, and kept it in shorts.

To add some edge to these all to wholesome beach boys I take a little summer inspiration from these dudes:


With these eras and people for inspiration I mash it together add my own touch and wham bam lets go to the fucking beach.

So basically keep it minimal and keeeep it solid. You don’t have to trust me those dudes over at Esquire seem to agree.

This is what is going to be inspiring me this summer, how are you going to build your ultimate badass summer wardrobe 2012?

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