Critiques:: Is it just me or is truTV really racist?


I’m not using that quote to illustrate that my article is the bomb or anything.  That quote is reality channel truTV’s  motto.  So when you are tuning in they want you to know they are broadcasting you the truest fucking truth that they could possibly serve up.  So when I stumbled upon this channel a few Sundays ago I was ready truTV was going to unlock my mind…

Instead it was a  marathon of a show called Bait Car .  In a nut shell cops plant really nice cars in really poor neighborhoods and leave the car door open and the key in the ignition, and then wait for someone to take it chase them, arrest them and wham bam ratings!  America loves seeing poor people get arrested!  A friend and I only by the grace of Marijuana slogged through three hours of this.  During that three hours the only people shown stealing cars and getting caught were black males.  The ENTIRE three hours not one other race or gender.   Bait Car makes it seem as if there is a black dude on the corner of every inner city street rubbing his hands together and just waiting to steal your car the moment you blink.

The best way the 5-0 can come up with to quell carjacking is a fucking bait car…… fuck going after chop shops lets put cars that are really easy to steal in areas where people are known for stealing and catch the small time car thieves who probably only tried to steal the car because it looked so easy! Perfect wow phone the mayor car jackings are going to 0 by 2021!

The show has been spreading its fucked up vision of the inner city since 2007, and that’s the scary thing.  Imagine the legion of kids on Summer break  settling in for a lazy day of  TV and they stumble upon Bait Car.  Mind shapingly dangerous my friends.


As Mrs. Lovejoy would say….

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