Photography:: Eight Photo’s of Vintage Black Glamour.

Being a black celebrity in the late 1960s and 70s was an awkward moment. On the one hand, the blatantly pervasive disrespect toward black performers that was so prevalent decades before was beginning to wane as acceptance of positive black images and art gained traction in the advent of Motown’s presentation of black music; on the other hand, hate, ghettoization, and the codification of ill will toward black folk was ratcheting up intense angst throughout the nation. To exist in a world where  they had access to the world’s wealth but  seeing their own kind denied basic resources had to be more than trying.  But in the moments that they are able to exist and radiate their being despite these times, we see how intense their desire to strive forward despite circumstance is. Below, we have photo’s of many black celebrities in those simple, real moments. Word Life presents to you, Vintage Black Glamour. Thank God for perseverance. Thank God for Hip.

*This is Hip-hop’s Word:: Govern your Life accordingly.

Photography:: Here


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