Photography:: Six Photo’s President Kennedy Campaigning for President.

President John F. Kennedy is one of the most important men to hold the title of POTUS. He offered us the closest thing to American royalty that we saw. It is interesting to reflect on his campaign for president in the current political environment. Gov. Romney and President Obama have run campaigns that are largely not about big ideas like JFK’s New Frontier offered. Romney has run on his ability to manage business and repeal all of the presidents accomplishments especially  the so called Obamacare act–while keeping all of the good parts. Obama seems distracted from articulating the accomplishments of his first term.  Kennedy’s 1960 presidential bid showed candidates how to run a campaign based on  pivotal decisions and a clear vision. Here are some intimate photos of JFK invigorating the public and setting a course toward greatness. Thank God for youth. Thank God for Hip-hop.

President Kennedy looking like a superstar signing autographs for  admirers.

A cool picture of the in coming president at a diner in a photo that suggests that he more than revels in the spotlight and celebrity. He is definitely feeling himself.

The angle of this photo creates the imagery necessary to depict a great leader. The lights are an amazing touch that adds to the intimate atmosphere the Kennedy campaign wished to create. 

Victory at last. After campaigning arduously and actively in all 50 states, Kennedy earned his way into the imagination of the American public. 









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