Tape:: Cocaine 80s. Express OG freeEP.

Cocaine 80s is comprised of a slew of artists and producers with Kanye mentor/producer No I.D. At the helm. I’m not sure who exactly the central voice on these few tracks is, but the production quality on each song is incredibly refreshing in its own way. “Take My Keys” is a Frank Ocean-esq love song about relinquishing control in relationships while still maintaining balance. “Chain Ghatz Im running from the ones that said You never gonna make it/ soon as I am escape it, a n*gga started making, money like a mutherf*cker.” No ID has managed to put together a solid sampling of what I hope is more to come. The quality and sound is general dopeness personified.

*This is music for life, govern yourself accordingly.

Tape::Cocaine 80s. Express OG freeEP.

Records to Download::

Record:: Cocaine 80s. ft Nas. Chain Glow.

Record:: Cocaine 80s. Take My Keys.

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