Photography:: Six Boss Photos of Rappers.

The Word Life Publication believes that photography can sometimes capture the a moment and crystallize it in time. Sometimes that is for the better, other times it is for the worst. Nonetheless, photography is essential in creating a boss persona that audiences can identify with. We have a very unique collection of rappers displaying the swag of a boss in their chosen environment. Vanilla Ice, Slick Rick, Tupac, A$AP Rocky, NWA, and Eric B. & Rakim make an appearance and are on display for their own unique perspective on Bossness. Thank God for authority. Thank God for Hip-hop.

 Vanilla Ice has got to be thanking God for photography. This is such an epic picture.

A$AP Rocky is living the life right now. To say his quality of life has improved is an understatement.

Eric B.  and Rakim. Paid In Full.

NWA took the game by force.

The original Boss: Slick Rick “The Ruler.”

Tupac Shakur is a beyond a boss is the photo; gun shot wound on display for the haters.

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