Tape:: IamSu!. KILT (Mixtape).

Off the wall like a young mike jack/with a flow like 3 Stacks, do a show for like three stacks.

IamSu!, out of Richmond, Ca is different from the stereotypical Bay Artist embedded in the minds of the rest of the country. IamSu! is using his mixtape KILT, to introduce himself to the world after finding success on E-40’s hit, “Function,” and Clyde Carson’s “Slowdown.” He can easily ride a hyphy beat and make sure anyone in the vicinity is gigin’ based on his lyrical ability alone.

With rap artist from Drake to Chris Brown to Kendrick Lamar have been falling over themselves to pay homage to Bay Area Hip-hop it is clear that the Bay is rising above the fold. IamSu! has made folk pay attention to the Bay in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Bringing with him an arsenal as a member of the The Invasion production crew, he has managed to prove that the reach of Bay Area could compete with mainstream rap music. Listen and Download after the jump.

Listen Here::

Record:: IamSu!. Slowdown (Remix).
Record:: IamSu!. Mainey.
Download Here::

Tape:: IamSu!. KILT.

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