Tape:: Symba. II Words.

Symba had been grinding in the Bay Area college scene for a while. After many attempts to follow his hoop dreams, Symba found that he was more talented in the booth than he was on the court.

And for good reason. The young MC is showing signs of greatness very early in his career. On tracks like “Mr. Driver,” he is composed and as confident as a tested veteran with the lyrical chops that make his boastful claims all the more palatable.

His mixtape II Words is an excellent display of the 22 year olds talents and lyrical range. But his true talents begin to become clearer once we encounter his song a “Letter to My Father.”

Only thing separating us is my height our hair/ asked for you and basketball when I kneel for a prayer, or b*tch/ truthfully just want someone who care

He does an amazing job of capturing the young male’s desire for male leadership and guidance and the complex psyche of young men that are denied father figures.

Joking, fighting, and other attention seeking behaviors are what young men turn to out of desperation. Seeking any type of attention they could yield. Pay attention to this young man. I have a feeling he will be around for a while.

*This is music for life, govern yourselves accordingly.

Listen Here::

Record:: Symba. Letter to My Father.


Record:: Symba. Mr. Driver


Download Full Tape Here::

Tape:: Symba. II Words.

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