Culture:: How Men Become Dogs. [A Dog is Born Episode 1].

How Men Become Dogs is a web-series that straddles the line between satirizing sensitive 90s guy types  while embedding a serious commentary on the paradoxical state of black male/female relationships. In the opening episode, “A Dog is Born,”  soon to be Dog #1 Julian prepping for a lunch at the park with his girl; picnic basket in tow. He believes that giving his girl everything she wants to ensure that she has no needs or wants…and then wonders if he is doing something wrong.  From there, he and his friends, who suffer similarly embarrassing breakups for “not being manly enough” for their significant others, decide to give being a dog a chance as a means to turn there lives around with women. At a glance, the web series seems to only scratch the surface level of the larger gender divide.But the psychology that perpetuates paternal dominance in relationships is a unique phenomenon that has festered and grown within the Hip-hop generation. Those women–and men–who confuse kindness for weakness and sees vulnerability in men as red-flag are students of this misguided school of thought. How Men Become Dogs captures this trend while keeping the amount of satire that would make Larry David proud. And they get a special shout out for including Rafael Casal in the opening credits.  Thank God for the parody. Thank God for Hip-hop.

*This is the Word::govern your Life accordingly.

Culture:: How Men Become Dogs.

“It’s not often you see a group of African American men who’ll be completely honest about their experiences with women, particularly when those encounters reveal them being cheated on, lied to or left behind for someone better.  When we think of love in movies, we tend to think of women who endure pain at first, find their long lost love in the middle and finally live ‘happily ever after’ in the end.  Unfortunately, in real life that’s not always the case… especially for men.  Men go through many of the same situations and even feel some of the same pain as women, but rarely is there a safe platform for them to vent their insecurities and frustrations.  How Men Become Dogs was created with that in mind.  How Men Become Dogs will go inside the lives of Cameron, Julian and Mario, three bachelors fresh out of heartbreaking relationships.  This series will explore love from a male perspective revealing all of the shady situations men go through that cause them to turn from good guys to nasty dogs.”


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